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Orthopaedic Surgery, Surgery of the Hand

Dr. Arnold Savenor has an office in the heart of Boston with easy access from any of the train stations in the area.

  • Years of Practice • 25+
  • Gender • Male
  • Board Certifications • Orthopaedic Surgery, Surgery of the Hand
  • Languages • English




Common Conditions


Reconstructive Wrist Surgery

Wrist and Ligament Injuries

Sport Injuries

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Numbness Tingling Congenital Hand Differences Radial Head Fractures
Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Olecranon Fractures Dequervain's Tendonitis Rheumatoid Arthritis
Dupuytrens Disease Scaphoid Fracture Elbow (Olecranon) Bursitis Scaphoid Non-Union
Elbow Fractures Scleroderma Extensor Tendon Injuries Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries
Finger Deformity (Boutonniere Deformity) Tendon Transfer Surgery Fingertip Injuries Tennis Elbow
Flex Tendon Injuries Thumb Arthritis Ganglion Cysts Thumb Fracture
Golf Injuries Thumb Sprains Hand Fractures Trigger Finger
Hand Tumors Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome Joint Replacements Vascular Disorders
Kienbocks Disease Wrist Arthroscopy Mallet Finger Wrist Arthritis
Nailbed Injuries Wrist Fracture Nerve Injury Wrist Sprains